"Discover the secrets of the World Conqueror, for your leadership and for your victory!" Genghis Khan the Lord of Mankind a historical novel by Sam Djang

Genghis Khan
the Lord of Mankind

Genghis Khan the lord of Mankind
A Historical Fiction
Total Pages:
Brave Future Books
Publication Date:
Feb 15, 2016
978-0-9970263-0-6 (Paper Back Edition)
978-0-9970263-1-3 (Digital Edition)
Printed in:
United States of America
Genghis Khan historical novel

Genghis Khan
The World Conqueror

Reviews from Readers:
"(The)author blends history and fiction artfully!"

"This fascinating book reminds me why historical fiction is worthwhile. By taking certain liberties, the author is able to make the reader feel like a contemporary witness. We care more about the characters. The charming episode describing the first meeting of the young Temujin and the little girl destined to be his wife is worth the price of the book. The author makes learning fun."

"I enjoyed this book so much! I have both volumes and I am waiting for the third one(if there is one). Definitely recommended. This book is amazing!"

"A riveting and fast paced read that should prove quite hard to put down."

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